4 Weeks Home


Jude has been home for 4 weeks now (over this coming weekend we will reach the 1 month milestone). We have come a long way in just under a month. As mentioned in previous posts Jude is catching up on her physical growth in record time. She has gained 2 inches in the past month which has moved her on the growth chart from not even on it to at the 25% for height. She has also gained a pound (possibly more, we’ll find out on Monday) which moved her from not on the growth chart to the 3% for weight. Pictures speak more than words though. Compare the photos taken on pickup week and this week below


Jude is suprising me by blurting out around 5 new English words A DAY now. She is about to exceed her vocuabulary in Bulgarian with English (although she still uses Bulgarian on a daily basis). What I love is that Jude is very into mimicking what others do so she has quickly picked up on saying “Thank You” when someone gives her something.

Last week was our mini-vacation camping trip in the midst of my maternity leave. It was literally a washout. It rained almost the enitre time. That said we still had some enjoyable moments and we got Jude’s first induction to real Maine camping (and oceanside tenting) done.



I am also suprising myself during this maternity leave. I thought that I would go crazy being out of work. I have never handled staying home with foster children well, but so far I am having a good time. I am even figuring out how to do some baking with a toddler running around the kitchen. In addition I have been able to tackle some lawn projects that were far overdue and even get the cats to the vet.

Jude has settled and is now brushing her own teeth. Bedtime routines are starting to come in under slightly an hour the past few nights (a trend I hope continues), and we haven’t seen a rage in nearly two weeks.

The next two weeks will be my last at home with Jude before I go back to work. We have to visit her family doctor one final time to revaccinate (some of her labs showed no immune response to some vaccines that she was reported to have gotten in Bulgaria. It is always important to have titres and double-check). I will have the final planning meeting with Early Intervention Services to finalize a plan to catch Jude up (although she is suprising us all and doing this pretty quickly on her own), and then we have one final specialist to visit: Neurology.


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