The Developmental Evaluation


As a follow up to the Developmental screening that Jude had a few weeks ago today was Part 2 of 3: the full evaluation. Three professionals came to my home and over the course of 2 hours they evaluated Jude in all areas of her development.
Since they brought Honey Nut Cheerios she liked them a lot.
It was interesting to see, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t find it exhausting as well. Jude is also very worn out as she was very irksome the rest of the day and fell asleep in a record 37 minutes (not being sarcastic, it usually takes 90 minutes – 2 hours for her to pass out at night).
Jude has made some great strides in development over the past two weeks since the screening, but she is still behind children her age but let us for a moment focus on the positive:
Jude understands English fully.
Jude has a English vocabulary of 15-20 words.
Jude can almost walk up the stairs independently (I no longer gate the bottom). She will wait for assistance in going back down.
She will allow and even assist in brushing her teeth (no tantrum)
She is now using creative play (see picture in which she turned a step stool into a cradle)
She feeds herself independently
She seeks out hugs and kisses from me and her grandparents
She is now shy of strangers
She is 2 inches taller
She has gained a pound
She has grown a shoe size
She no longer avoids eye contact when I rock her to sleep at night. Now she smiles.

So how do I do it? Well, there is a flow to the day. “Routine” would imply order and truth is we have quite a bit of flexibility in what we do. But with the flow of the day Jude has an idea of what to expect so she isn’t anxious, but at the same time doesn’t have a meltdown if something isn’t on time because she is on a schedule.
I think most of the physical growth is due to basic nutrition pure and simple.
The attachment stuff really seems to hinge (for us) on co sleeping. Which we did in Bulgaria out of necessity and have continued at home. I have taken some time off work (but not a lot).

Not everything is Sunshine and Roses but it is certainly a million times easier than I anticipated. For that I am so grateful.


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