2 weeks home


It has been a busy week. But so far all of the specialist appointments are going well. So I can’t complain.

At home things are improving daily as well. Jude can pretty much successfully navigate the stairs now with only me spotting her. Not enough so I am comfortable getting rid of the baby gates, but we won’t be living with them for very long at all at the rate she is going.
Jude has also gained a pound since pickup which means that she is now ON the growth chart for weight (at 3%) instead of being below it. I am totally stoked about this.
I think she has also gained in height (although we didn’t check that yesterday) as I had to readjust the shoulder straps on her car seat as I noticed that her shoulders were now at the height of the next slot up. Hmmm.
She is also asserting her independence in new ways everyday. She will no longer drink from a sippy cup in public (That’s for babies!) so I had to purchase her a narrow mouth Nalgene bottle for her water (like Mum has).

Breaking Jude of unacceptable habits has been trickier. Shoes in bed sometimes still results in bedtime/naptime battles. This in a house in which we don’t even wear shoes inside! Her music choices were also not OK by my standards for a 2 year old (Rap and Bulgarian hip hop). That has been more of a weaning process. We are down to Gorillaz, Ozzy Osbourne, and Alice Cooper right now consistently, although I have been able to successfully sneak in some Guster, Pharell Williams and Journey.

Part of me thinks that I should keep Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood and Ozzy’s Crazy Train in the rotation permanently.


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  1. I am so happy for you both. Your daughter is darling, and sounds like she has a feisty personality to boot. What a gift! As a previous foster mom, I am sure you that you already know that some kids are what I like to call “spirited” and are just difficult in certain areas, regardless of their background. My three year old daughter is one of them–strong willed, emotional, feisty, independent,and extremely active (hyperactive, perhaps?). She has never slept through the night for more than one night a week. However, the great news about this special kids is that they end up being very intelligent, caring and hard-working adults. A great book to read is “Raising Your Spirited Child,” which is very Dr. Sears-esk. Again, thank you so much for documenting your incredible journey.

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