Continuing on with our week of torturous adventures was today’s trip to the dentist.

Jude has all her teeth.
They APPEAR to be fine.
The dentist did not get bit.

And yes, that is all that was accomplished. But it was more than I anticipated.

Teeth brushing is battle royale twice a day every day here. I am no stranger to this. Both my foster daughters had this aversion as well. I know that eventually it will get better and I am already seeing that. Over the past few days teeth brushing (the first 2.5 seconds) starts out voluntarily now. Rinsing and spitting is also fun.

So what was the point of going today? Well Jude watched me get a cleaning done and we are hoping that next time it won’t be scary and they will actually be able to do something with her. She was actually very fascinated by everything that she saw and it was this which allowed the basic dental exam.

Our next specialist appointment isn’t until next week. We have a little getaway planned before then. Before that though Jude does need lab work done tomorrow. Ugh.


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