The Developmental Screening


The information on Jude’s referral was very confusing about possible delays. It said that when she was evaluated when she was about 1 year old (and living in the orphanage) she had severe global delays. When she was reevaluated just prior to the referral she had made progress it seemed in all areas except speech. The evaluation did make note that she would not engage with the adult evaluating her and appeared quite clumsy.

In December she was slow to warm up to us, but it was easy to see that aside from speech any delays were slight. We also noted that she appeared ahead in fine motor skills as she could manipulate pencils and pencil sharpeners.

Today was the formal developmental screening to see what is going on. She is behind (as EVERY child in an orphanage will be). Not surprisingly her greatest delay is speech. And although she is speaking in Bulgarian and a little in English now too, she is behind. A lot. She also has some less serious delays in gross motor skills, problem solving, and personal-social skills. As we saw she is actually on target with her fine motor skills.

We will have another more intensive evaluation in a couple of weeks to come up with a plan to address her needs. I am so very grateful for the early intervention services in our state. It would be no small feat to try and coordinate all this independently. And bonus: after our health insurance there is no cost to us so these services are provided for free (they would be even if we did not have insurance). Jude should be eligible until she is 5 so I am hoping she will be caught up or well on her way by then.

I also continue to be grateful that Jude was in excellent foster care for the past year otherwise things would not have gone as well today as they did.


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