2 years/1 month


I have now been Jude’s Mum for a month. It has been a surreal month of packing and preparing to leave. Most surreal of all has been living the day to life 4,791 miles away from my child. This has been the first month of my motherhood, eery quiet like the stillness before a thunderstorm. Meanwhile you rush like mad to shut up all the windows…

Today also marks 2 years since I first found Bulgaria. Since I first settled on adopting from Bulgaria. My all-night internet research fest. 2 years ago I could barely find Bulgaria on the world map. By that point, Jude would have been a tiny infant living in the baby orphanage in Plovdiv. I simply had no idea that she even existed.

And here we are today. 48 hours until take off. Within 36 hours after that I will have her in my arms.

I won’t lie. I’ve lived a lifetime to get here. I remember my goal when I started this blog: Adoption blogs were the single most helpful thing I found during the process so I was passing the torch.

To all those still waiting: I promise you. I Promise You. I PROMISE YOU. Stick with it. I know how hard the waiting is. Believe me, I KNOW. I still have to get through tomorrow. It is frustrating, it is agnony. There are days that will literally drive you mad. You will cry. It is hard. But you WILL GET HERE. You will. When some people say you get to the end of and it didn’t seem that bad: THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. It was that bad. You earned your stripes. You remember every endless day. But (after several centuries of relative time) you do eventually get here.

And here is every bit as awesome as you think it is.


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  1. Thank you for writing that. It is very hard and frustrating. We just got back our approval for our little boy. I guess more paperwork is next to get our travel dates. Good luck! !

  2. Wow I’m excited for you! I’ve just started reading your blog and others as we are just beginning to consider international adoption. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes!

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