Reality strikes (again)


This is becoming an unhappy trend. In the week leading up to Trip 1 I was in a car accident. This time…well, read on.

I would like to start out by proclaiming that I have a mouth like a pirate. Is it the most ladylike thing? No. Is it a part of who I am, yes. In the next week a very bizarre string of events will occur. Starting Monday, I will develop a speech impediment. This will be stage 1 of me censoring myself around Jude. Stage 2 will likely happen about 2 weeks later, for some unknown reason I start sounding like Sarah Palin trying to swear and it is annoying as hell. Stage 3 comes into play about 6 weeks in. My vocabulary takes a giant leap forward in evolution and most of you will need to start Googling words. The final resting place is a place of compromise. Typical pirate mouth away from children, Shakespeare in their company. But never, Oh never, in a hundred million years did I ever think ol’ pirate mouth would save my life.

At 2:00 this morning that very well may be exactly what happened.

Let me explain.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m too excited. Yesterday, work got the better of me and I was utterly exhausted. I passed OUT! And was sleeping fabulously until about 2. I woke up to a knockdown drag out catfight. Cats have not been pleased with the packed luggage so there have been some spats. I thought this was just an epic one at 2 AM. So I sat up, perturbed (to say the least) that I had been woken from such a sound slumber and yelled (with the gusto of a biker chick who has chain smoked for 400 years): WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU FIGHTING AT 2:00 IN THE FUCKING MORNING WHILE I AM TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP?

And then said felines knocked over a metallic object somewhere in the kitchen. And stopped. And I fell back asleep.

Except that when I got up nothing was knocked over. And shortly thereafter I discovered the real reason for the 2 AM kerfuffle.

Someone tried to break into the house through the basement window (beneath the kitchen). Me as hellbeast might have prevented from getting further than it did (they never made it in).

Enter city police officer involvement. In the week before we leave for Bulgaria
For the second time in my life. Not an awesome trend.

But it puts life in perspective. Once again, life delicately reminds me that it does exist outside of this adoption. Thanks for that.


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  1. Wow, heck of a way to wake up!!! Thank God you’re ok! Ok, now you’ve gotten the bad stuff out of the way and it’s all good from here.

  2. Trust me the Tornado of the next few months will leave you speechless.
    I also had a bad potty mouth and then once I had her it stopped!! It has returned now that she has hit puberty but you have a while for that. The cats can sense the upcoming change of you leaving and maybe the new roommate. Soon all these things will seem small when she come home.
    Enjoy, take tons of photos and breath!
    Pat (adoptive mom to Russian princess)

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