(Less than) 1 week to go


I spent the majority of yesterday packing the rest of our things. There will be a few last minute things that will be going in the carry on the morning I leave, but I am, for the most part done packing.

This week is all about wrapping up and signing out at work. There will be lots of changes there before I return in August.

I went to WalMart. Damn. Took a full 20 minutes to find sunscreen. Then once I finally found it there were two people embroiled in a screaming match about the Banana Boat brand. One of them was named Linda. Everyone in the vicinity of the sunscreen area learned this. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out a plan to get to the Coppertone without being noticed, so I can move on to everything else I needed to do that day. WalMart. Gotta love it.

I keep worrying that I am going to forget something. Like something vitally important. I have made checklists and whatnot to try and prevent this, but over the past week almost every morning I wake up at 2/3 in the morning with the feeling that I have forgotten something but I have no idea what it is.

So what is left to do before I go? A trip to the bank this week. And a few emails. And that is it, really.

1 week from now I will be in Bulgaria and hopefully less than 12 hours away from being back together with Jude.


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