2 weeks to go


As of now I think I have accomplished everything that I needed to do before we leave (except that I need to go to WalMart at some point, no overseas travel is complete without a last minute WalMart trip the week before).

All of Jude’s appointments are scheduled. All of my required reading is done. Jude is packed, I have a plan of attack on my packing situation. Jude’s health insurance is up and running. I have everyone’s prescriptions filled. Paperwork is good. Travel arrangements are good.

And thanks to my Dad this morning, the swing set is up.

I have 10 days left at work (80 hours). Yoga class is on hiatus at its usual location next week so I am going to have to seek out another one elsewhere. I have come to depend on that weekly yoga class to keep my sanity in check.
This brings me to the miracle of all miracles. As I mentioned previously I put on a vast amount of weight during the paperwork chase for this adoption. I have managed to lose all but 10 pounds of what I put on. However, with the yoga, my bum is definitely in better shape than ever, and be it vanity size or whatever, that same bum fit into a size 4 pair of pants this week FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL. I am most definitely elated at this. And like any normal person I celebrated by eating an entire carton of Thai food followed by a pint of Apple Caramel gelato for dessert.

It’s hard to fathom that 4 weeks from now I will finally be home with Jude. It still doesn’t seem real yet. I wonder when it will?


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  1. Hi! Were adopting from Bulgaria also. We should be getting travel dates in July. Do you know why it has taken so long between travel dates? We were told 3 or 4 months.

    • In recent months many factors have contributed to extending the wait time between trips. Many families are finding that on the American side of processing USCIS is running 70-90 days on average now for I-800A. Although the wait for I-800 is shorter, processing for that too seems to take longer than it has in the past. On the Bulgarian side, there have been noticable slowdowns in how long it takes to obtain the final MOJ signature. This process was known for taking 4 weeks on average, is now recently taking upwards of 8-10 weeks to complete. I would also note that 3 months is also an estimate that I have not yet seen done, even at its most efficient most families have a wait of 4-6 months between trips.

      • Well that stinks. We are trying to be patient but it is hard and out of our control. It just not fair to anybody. But we will take it one day at a time.

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