3 weeks to go.


In almost exactly 3 weeks we should be lifting off from Logan.

All of Jude’s things are packed.

We have booked our flights and apartment.

I have finalized the details of my maternity leave with my work. I am officially approved to take it. My first day off will technically be the day we are scheduled to pick Jude up (Monday June 16). I am scheduled to go back to work on Monday August 11. This will be the first summer I have had off since I was 16!

Jude is on the insurance and as proof the insurance card came today. I decided to test it and went to go pick up her prescription at the pharmacy. Sure enough, it went through!

There is still a lot of little things that I would like to get done before we leave. I am still hopeful that I can get some weather cooperation for the swing set project. But until then I am just biding my time, although it is passing by much faster now, thankfully. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. Hopefully time will keep up the momentum.


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