Never say never


I remember this part of me about 6 months ago. I was huddled in a back upstairs hallway of the Sofia airport desperately trying to be an adult and find a way home.

My brain was telling itself: learn from this experience. You do not want to be that weeping British mother. Next time take a morning flight.

I did remember that experience today as I watched the travel agent book THOSE EXACT SAME FLIGHTS AGAIN. This was after I spent the better part of 2 days with 3 different travel agencies looking at ALL THE OPTIONS. Even if we get stuck again it would literally be slightly better than some of the other options if they went perfectly smooth. And when I look back on the Trip 1 travel home experience truth is British Airways really were exceptional to us. We did get home. They arranged everything and didn’t charge us anything.

So maybe the learning experience was that Trip 1 was a dress rehearsal (or maybe a good reminder to myself to let little things slide, I hope). At any rate I know now Never Say Never. You will eat those words.

So a big thank you to Daniel at Economy Travel who probably thinks I am the most indecisive and emotionally unbalanced person like EVER

And a big future apology to whomever has to fly with me on these flights in all my epic anxiety. You’ll be able to spot me, think: someone gave a hummingbird too much Red Bull.


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