Where do I even start?


I received, read through, comprehended, and am beginning to formulate an idea of how the preschool homeschooling via the Oak Meadow curriculum works. I feel the weight of the responsibility of educating my child and feel ready to rise to the occasion. It took most of the weekend of me in a philosophical/contemplative frame of mind to arrive where I am. But it was good to just take a few days and clear away the cobwebs of the recesses of my mind and have a good think.

I also spent a good portion of the weekend deducing which of the 3 cats had a Urinary tract infection. Not sure which of these mental exercises was more challenging.

All of Jude’s specialist appointments are scheduled. I need to wait a few more weeks for the general pediatric appointment for right after we come home as the doctor’s schedule isn’t available yet. I also need to wait and put in her referral for Early Intervention Services for just after we get home as I am told this gets scheduled within a few days.

Most exciting of all is this morning we finally got news on our travel dates. We should be leaving for Bulgaria on Saturday June 14th, picking Jude up on Monday, and traveling back home on Thursday June 26th.

So because of that the bottleneck of existing tasks was unleashed. My company has now been officially notified of my maternity leave (noted that automatic menu options only had choices for pregnancy and illness/injury), I am working on getting quotes for airfare, and I have booked us an apartment to live in during our stay in Sofia.

Oh and yes, during all of this I am still working full time and will continue to do so until less than 24 hours before we leave…



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