Motherhood Day #2


While I was writing yesterday’s post I was watching my weekly Netflix selection. Then it occured to me that I might want to sift through and bump the R rated movies to the top of the queue. Pointless. They are pretty nearly all R rated. Such is life. Back in the foster-parenting days I would get through about 1 movie a month after bedtimes.

The insurance issue was wrapped up yesterday but goodness only knows when I may see her insurance card. The deductions will show up on my next paycheck (so if you happen to hear a faint wailing coming from the northeastern U.S. next Friday…that just me grieving over the remains of my already somewhat anemic paycheck) but since there is no proof of it until that insurance card arrives I asked Human Resources to draft up a letter saying that she was covered. This is because calamity tends to find this family, I learned that long ago. I made about a dozen copies of that letter. Cuz you just never know.

We have finalized our post-placement plans. Post-placements are due (for us) in Bulgaria at on November 12, 2014; May 12, 2015; November 12, 2015; and May 12, 2016. Which means we will be having the visits with our newly assigned caseworker roughly 6-8 weeks before each of these dates. The cost of each of these reports will be aprox $250-300 plus postage to Bulgaria.

I accomplished what is probably one of the most important tasks any parent ought to do. I had a last will and testament drawn up. I had previously done a living will and a healthcare power of attorney when I was in nursing school (this is also sometimes known as an advance directive) but had not, until today, done the traditional last will and testament. The point of this is to protect Jude in the event that something should happen to me.

Formally inquired at Probabte court to figure out what forms I need to file for the readoption. Waiting to hear back…

And then I went to Yoga.


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