I am a Mom, Day #1


There is a downside when you put off things because you don’t “want to jinx it”, eventually all those tucked-away tasks need to be done.

Usually all in the same day.

Task #1: Add Jude to the insurance. This was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. A 2 page form, an e-mail directly from my adoption placing agency, and a promise to fax them a copy of the English-translated version of the adoption decree once we had it. So by late morning, it was all done.

Task #2: (Following Task #1). Scheduling Dr. appointments. I had to sort of guess when we would be travelling. It didn’t matter anyway. Everyone seems to be booking into July. I didn’t even get close to all of the ones done. This will be an ongoing project up until I leave.

Task #3: Order Jude’s preschool cirriculum. I did this late yesterday (see previous post about Oak Meadow’s sale that started Sunday). I chose the least expensive shipping option and noted that the processing time was 10-14 business days and shipping would be 2-3 days on top of that. They suprised the heck out of me and sent me an e-mail that they had finished proccessing the order and shipped it out today! Wow!

Task #4: Packing. I have a packing list for Jude that I had been working on. 3 people going over with 6 suitcases, 4 people coming back with 8. Coming back isn’t the issue. It is packing 4 people’s worth of items in the 6 suitcases on the way over (and the 2 empty ones). My parents have elected to take their 2 carry-ons and a checked bag between them and I will claim 2 checked bags and my carry on for Jude and my things (and the empty bags). I got most of Judes things packed amongst the 3 bags.

Task #5: (This one kinda came out of left field). Our homestudy agency told me today that we are being reassigned a new caseworker for our postplacement visits. This is as I was getting some final direction on how to proceed with Jude’s re-adoption once she is home. Maine is a large state and my current caseworker literally lives 1/2 the state away. Our new one lives closer.

Task #6: Actually test fit the Diono car seat in the Prius. I am glad I did this. I did a quick install a few months ago, but when looking closer tonight I realized that it really doesn’t work out super-awesome (although you could do it) behind the driver’s seat. So moved the car seat to the outboard side and installed it there. I am gonna drive wth it tomorrow to see if I can see in the mirror as well as I want when driving. This also lead to my realization that there is just no way in anything smaller than a Prius that this car seat would fit rear-facing. And pretty much everything we were chauffered around in Bulgaria was smaller than the Prius. So I am HOPING that since December Jude has gained at least 1 pound. Why? Well, she was 19 pounds in December and according to the makers of the car seat Jude technically can forward-face in it starting at 20lbs with the “safe-stop” strap. So I am going to risk it. Jude will have to forward-face in cars and airplanes until we hit our own minivan in Boston so I will leave the rear-face boot behind in the USA and forward-face her overseas. Not ideal, certainly, but it is better than nothing at all.

Task #7: Start transitioning team of Doctors and medical assistants to idea that there will be no nurse for 8 weeks. Step #1: Realize that won’t work and find nurse to fill in for 8 weeks (did that a few months ago), Step #2: Prep fill-in nurse (in progress).

And all of this is just random, tip-of-the iceberg items. I still have travel plans to make (once we have travel dates), Swingsets to erect, I have to officially notify my company of my maternity leave (but, again, need dates to do that), more doctor appointments to make, I think I’ll be making a trip to county probate court next week, My homestudy agency has some updated education requirements for me to get through, I need to pee/eat/shower at times…

Typical new parent stuff I’m told only we seem to be missing something. Oh that’s right! No Jude yet.

But soon, very soon…


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  1. So excited for you and happy that you have documented your journey for all of us on the waiting list. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new family. Now, go get your girl!!!!!

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