In just a few weeks I will join the ever-growing ranks of second-generation homeschoolers around the country. What is a second-generation homeschooler? Well, he or she is a homeschooling parent who was homeschooled themselves.

Say What?

My Mum homeschooled me. I will be homeschooling Jude.

It makes things easier, really. I figured since this family has been out of the homeschooling world for 13 years I should brush up on things in case there were any law changes or any remarkable innovations. So I did a bit of research. I forgot that parents tend to fret about things like socialization. I am bit glad I was able to skim most of these articles. I was more concerned about how much tedious paperwork the state of Maine was going to make me fill out to do this. Thankfully, it is less than it used to be (back in my day) and we won’t have to do any at all until Jude is 7. I was also interested in seeing if it has gotten any easier to get a Portfolio Review done. This used to be the bane of my mother’s existence every spring. In 20 minutes of internet searching I was able to find at least 3 groups in Maine that offer this service now. You can even mail them in! Score!

Things have certainly gotten better all around. The first year I started homeschooling (Sophomore year in high school) we were able to obtain the textbooks from the high school I had been attending up until that time. After that, for cirriculum, we had to hit Barnes & Noble and we had to hit it hard. Not so nowadays. I’ll be able to purchase Jude’s prepackaged homeschool cirricula (at decent prices) right from an accredited school.

Although Jude is technicially not preschool aged until she turns 3 in November I figured it would be easier on everyone to start right away. Preschool for Jude will be mostly about adapting to family life and routines, learning to speak and understand English, and playing as much as possible.

We do face our challenges with homeschooling: Mainly time. I work full-time, outside of the house. I am a single parent. For this reason prepackaged cirricula becomes a necessity. We need the time to spend with Jude, not planning lessons. Evenings and weekends will be held at a premium. None of this would be possible (at all) without my Mum. Mum will be watching Jude while I am at work and has graciously offered to help out with the homeschooling as well.

For those interested the school that we will be purchasing our materials from is holding their annual spring sale starting Sunday (running through Memorial Day). Their website can be viewed at


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