We have officially lost our ever-loving minds!


This is how my nephew eats his applesauce. I see logic in his method. The spoon is really quite inefficient.

In case you haven’t already guessed, we are still waiting for a court date. Yup. And I have officially cracked under the pressure. I was overdue. How have I cracked? Let me count the ways.

Perhaps the most obvious is that little Tristan here is now my favorite conversation partner. He has an equal wit and strange sense of humor. For example our recent dinnertime conversation in which Tristan was expressing his like of the cuisine by humming…
Me: (In response to the humming) “Are you singing us the song of your people?”
Tristan: (Briefly pausing from his modern art piece; medium: mashed potatoes in progress) “Whaaaaat people? Hehe.”
Well played, sir.

My boss says I am doing well at work (miracles happen!) but concerned about my mounting stress levels I am now allowed to leave work 10 minutes early every Wednesday evening for a yoga class from now (well last week) until Jude is here.

I haven’t really been doing any exercise at all this winter (thank you ankle for that) but I have lost 38 pounds since October and am only about 16 pounds away from “goal weight”

Also under immense stress, at age 29/30 I managed to grow 1/2 an inch. HOW DID I DO THIS?

I made a ridiculous goal to chew through the pound of bubblegum someone gave me for my birthday anytime I felt stressed. The gum is more than half gone.

I didn’t realize until I got home this evening that I failed to put on socks today. It really wasn’t warm enough to go sans socks this morning. I obviously didn’t notice.

The multitasking feature on my brain is starting to seriously malfunction. I can now only safely handle 3 things at once. Add a 4th and epic disaster is imminent.


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