(SURPRISE) Adoption Shower


So I arrived at a critical point in the adoption process at noontime today. I have documented my oftentimes bizarre responses to the surprises that this journey has afforded me. This luchtime’s shock sent me cowering behind a skeleton decorated with a poinsettia garland (seemed like a good idea at the time), but when I recovered my wits I found myself surrounded by about 75 colleagues in the midst of an adoption/baby shower for Jude.

I thought I was going to a meeting. I may never truly trust lunch meetings again.

But it was amazing. And I still can’t believe I work with such an incredible bunch of people who really are more of a second family than anything. They are all just so anxious and excited to see Jude come home. Just to have that outpouring of support is everything, but their generosity knows no bounds and they have literally left Jude and I wanting for nothing.

A fellow nurse said it best: The only thing missing now is Jude. This is true, but I desperately hope that I won’t be without her for too much longer.


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