Nothing is happening


And it is slowly driving me mad.

Seriously, since my last post nothing more has happened.

I have organized closets.
I have refinished woodwork.
I have cleaned absolutely everything.

Still nothing on the adoption front.

I go to work. I wait for the email. I come home.


Then I go to bed.

I get up in the morning very hopeful and optimistic thinking this could be the day I get a court day.


I watch the news daily praying that I can get back to Bulgaria and get my child before all of Eastern Europe goes completely apeshit. Coworkers now keep stashes of Tums for me for moments like yesterday when I read news reports of Russia violating Bulgarian airspace. We actually saw this happen a few times on trip 1 (it was amongst the things I said upfront that I was editing from the blog; I guess now that it is an international news story it is OK to write about it). Let me just say it is more than somewhat disconcerting to have a fighter jet pull a “Maverick” on your hotel and have that be how you wake up from a nap on the day that you (apparently) broke your ankle. I passed it off as one of those “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore” moments until a day or two later when we were walking back from lunch with our translator and the same flipping thing happened. When a native ( heck when ALL THE NATIVES) stop literally dead in their tracks, you just know that ain’t normal. Sad thing is if it has been going on for 2-3 times a week since we left, they are probably used to it by now.

We just really need a court date before I owe my medical assistants too much Tums debt to pay off.


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