The last missed holiday


Every family is different and every family has different holidays and traditions. Today is one of ours and one that is shared with many families in Maine: Maine Maple Sunday.

It is a day when we sojourn out to the local farms and sugar shacks to taste liquid gold, the first sign that spring is in fact coming. This year is an incredibly weak year and the farm we typically venture out to actually has not had any sap flow yet for Maple syrup, the first time in my life I can recall that happening. One of the larger farms nearby had a limited supply on hand from a few weeks ago so we were not left empty handed.

But today also marks the last real family holiday that we think Jude will miss. Repeat: THE LAST. Typically next up would be a Memorial Day weekend trip out to camp. I am hoping we won’t make it to camp because we will be on or just returning from Bulgaria trip #2.

I hope anyway. I am also still anxiously awaiting news on when our court date might be and it would be great to get word on this sometime this upcoming week. If court is not done in the first part of April I think we will run into fingerprint expiration issues.

On Friday the US state department released their annual report of international adoptions for fiscal year 2013. International adoptions fell again to just over 7,000 or less than 1/3 of the adoptions just 5 years ago. Bulgaria has slightly more children arriving in the USA in 2013 than 2012 (159 vs. 125) which means that Bulgaria is tied for 11th most popular country to adopt from (tied with Colombia).
Maine has never been a popular destination for incoming international adoptees. Last year Maine families adopted only 40 children internationally; so Jude will definitely be a novelty in my community.

Although we are nowhere near a definite date we are sincerely hoping to only be a couple more months away from ending the waiting and beginning life together.


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