The quiet days


It occurs to me that these are the last of the quiet days. The sleeping in till mid morning on the weekends. Moments of calm silence in the house in which I have no reasons to be suspicious. Endless weekend hours to fill with activities of my choice.

But after nearly 5 years total of waiting and hopefully only around 10 weeks left or less to go, I am more than ready to say goodbye to these quiet days once and for all.

I am ready to embrace the chaos.

Bring. It. On. (I’m sure I’ll eat those words). But at this point it really feels as though time is just simply not passing at all. I spend a minor eternity at work each day. I now have to break the day down into the morning session and afternoon session (or weeklong period of time using the theory of relativity) just to maintain my sanity. And that is when I am at work. During evenings and weekends…forget it. Thank goodness for daylight savings time this weekend…one less hour to live through.

I apologize to all those who think they are giving me helpful advice but I have been waiting a very long time for all the little things that you find annoying about parenthood. By the time I get to the end of this adoption I will have exceeded the typical gestation period of the African Elephant by a month or so.

I am ready to be free of this stillness. To be free of the calm. To be free of the quiet. And amongst the ensuing madness…find peace.


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