Chestita Baba Marta


This post is a day late. I’ve been working on Jude’s room this week and just got into the groove yesterday. If you are adopting from Bulgaria, or at all interested in Bulgaria you should check out Baba Marta day. Very cool holiday that took place yesterday. Although I didn’t do anything for it this year it is definitely one that our family will be adopting.

Somehow, without intending it, Jude’s room looks way more “Waldorf” than the playroom. And that isn’t even the look I was going for. I was just aiming for something simple, timeless, uncluttered, and something that could adapt well at age 2 or age 22 with minimal changes. The only true Waldorf decoration for this room is the Kinderkram mobile which I haven’t even put up yet. There are are few basic “waldorf” toys in the toybox, but even when they aren’t on display the room is very… oh heck. Pictures are worth a thousand words.


This Print is by local artist Evelyn Dean.







Don’t get me wrong. I like the room very much. It is just that it came it looking very Vanilla. I am using Vanilla euphamistically. Maine is a very Vanilla state. I go into WalMart and Target and I have a very hard time finding non-Vanilla babydolls (or any non-Vanilla dolls for that matter). Our family is already predominately not Vanilla. Jude is not Vanilla. Unfortuantely most of the Waldorf stuff seems to portray Vanilla people. I like the material, I like the ideas, but people come in many shades. I wish I could find some more diversity in the Waldorf imagry. I did buy Jude a Vanilla babydoll at BigLots some time ago (it was $3, I mean, come on!). Her Peppa doll (Waldorf doll) is slightly more beige, but that too was purchased on sale ($19). Proudest doll purchase happened during our big Prince Edward Island Camping Adventure this past summer. There is a Cow’s Ice Cream located about 2km from our campground (If you don’t what Cow’s Ice Cream is and you are going to Prince Edward Island I suggest you figure this out, because it is THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD. And I am not the only person who thinks this) and there was a small tourist-y type gift shop located next to said Cow’s. Now it wasn’t my turn to buy Cow’s that round to I had left my wallet in the camper. I walked into said gift shop and found this dolly:


Keep in mind that I hadn’t been matched with Jude at this point. I’ll keep in mind that most of you haven’t seen Jude. I also have no idea what race this cutie is supposed to be, but the two are a perfect match for each other. Price: $10.99 Canadian. Happily, the gift shop lady held it for me until I could go back and get my wallet. I also didn’t expect to find this amazing doll in PEI, because I find PEI to be almost as Vanilla as Maine is. I also don’t think I always need to buy dolls that looks exactly like Jude, but I know that I liked having dolls that looked like me when I was younger, and I know my sister (who looks different than I do) did as well; I just assume: why would my daughter be any different?

At least Waldorf is big on animal personification and animals can be any race or ethinicity that you project on them. Maybe that is why my Mum used to buy us a lot of stuffed animals when we were kids. The only issue I ran into on trip #1 is that either Jude is not used to (or doesn’t like, or has never seen) stuffed animals. She didn’t react well to them. She liked the dolls, though. Maybe someday that will change. Maybe not. Thankfully, her foster father told us that they have a cat in their home and she does do well with the real thing. So I minimized the stuffed animals in the playroom and in her room. As you can see from the photos above, I have been less successful in minimizing real cats, especially curious grey ones.

Her room is off to a good start. Next up will be the closet. Make that closets (there are 2 in the house that need to be attacked at the same time) and then this project will be essentially done until we have our court date.


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