Dragging on…


Have nothing new to report. Still waiting on Article 5. It is still winter. In fact, next week will be the start of Winter Month # 5.

So done with waiting. Each day seems grayer and longer than the day before. I have been trying to work almost every Saturday now to help trick myself into being occupied. It isn’t helping. This winter, unrelenting cold and snow, isn’t helping my dismal mood any.

In a way, this wait is a bit easier than the wait for a referral. I do know that there is an end, likely only a few months away. I know whom I am waiting for now. She is real and no longer a dream child living in my imagination.

But it seems impossible to believe that the waiting for a referral ever seemed this long. Minutes take days to pass, hours take weeks. It already feels like it’s been forever since I kissed her goodbye in early December. At this point it still feels like eons until I get to go back and finally bring her home.

There is nothing left to do here. I am, we are, absolutely ready for her arrival. We are just left frozen in a suspended animation until one day, hopefully soon…

But it won’t come soon enough for me.


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