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This post has nothing to do with adoption.

Back in October I took a trip with friends to Salem, Massachusetts for my “babymoon” trip. We had a great time. But something strange did (OK a lot of strange) happened on that trip. One of the more startling strage centers around a photo I took in Salem.

Some background on me: despite an embarassing love for the show Ancient Aliens it really takes a lot of evidence, SCIENTIFIC evidence to convince me of anything. For the most part I found Salem to be a weekend-long Halloween-party with girls. It was silly and ridiculous but a good time. But what I really found faciniating what the history parts/walks/and tours. Believe in ghosts or not this plays a big part of Salem’s history and it was neat to not only hear the ghost story to but see the guide say “and they say that the ghost is seen in that window” or “runs out of this door and into this road”

On one tour we were taken past the “Joshua Ward House”. I won’t go into too much detail because there are literally hundreds of websites devoted to this historical home on the internet; however the history dates back to the 1600s through the American Revolution. However it is also well known for a fairly disturbing photo (that our guide had us Google during the tour) taken in the 1970s. We zoomed through this site fairly quickly on our tour that Saturday, so we all wished to revisit it on Sunday October 27, 2013 before we started our trip back home to Maine. Revisit it we did.


It is a beautiful house. Out of respect for the unknown tourists that are in some of these photos I won’t post some of the wide shots I have. I did however walk up on the front lawn because I wanted to get a photo to show my Mum of the ivy that climbs up the brickwork of the house. I framed the shot was able to cut out all but one of the green leaves of the tree I was roughly standing under (you can see in the photo above that despite late October most of the leaves were still green there). The image froze for a split second to grab the image and I was satisfied. This is how I take my photos on my phone (Nokia Lumia 521). Never an issue.

It wasn’t until a couple hours later when I was roughly scrunched in the third row seat somewhere in southern Maine when I decided to go through all the photos from the past weekend that I came across the image again. There was something starkly different about it this time and there was something there that I assert HAD NOT been there when I took the photo. I noticed it instantly. It has been discussed amongst family and friends for the past few months. Theories abound. Truth is, I don’t know what the object shown in this photo is. None of us do. At first I thought it was a leaf. Except the object when I enlarged it, appeared to be behind the gutter on the roof. Maybe. I don’t know.

This object has been hotly debated amongst all of us on the trip, amongst my friends and first glance it DOES appear to be a leaf. When the photo is englarged the object APPEARS to be BEHIND the gutter on the roof to some, other think not. It looks like it comes directly out of the gutter to me.

Since we are all at a loss, I am open to suggestions. Placing it out on the internet as we simply don’t know what to do with this perplexing image anymore.

So here is the image in question. Taken 10-27-13 at 12:30 PM on the front lawn of the Joshua Ward House in Salem Massachusetts. Weather: Partly Cloudy, with little to no wind. I think it was about low 50s that day. I am open to any/all theories. Even giant leaf one. JUST TELL ME WHAT THE HECK THIS IS!


Object Enlarged



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