Dear To Me (You know it’s gonna be all right)


Dear Me (a year ago),

I know you are freaked out right now. Actually you are in the midst of the most epic freakout/meltdown of our 20s (I think I can safely say that as our 20s are almost over). I wish I could hug you right now and give you a glimpse of today, because you would never have believed how far we came in a year. Dear me a year ago, you did good. You navigated us back from off the edge of the map. You faced the monsters head-on. You got us on course and we are nearly there! Thank you.

Dear me ( year from now),

Hi. You did it. Whether today is a good day or a not so good day remember that we did it. And that you likely aren’t spending the night doing something awful like you were the past 2 years. 2013 is mentioned in this blog. 2014 can only be described as “aerosolized cat vomit” and the ensuing late night deep clean. Congrats on making it through the adoption and here is hoping that February 4 doesn’t become a trend of bizarrely cursed happenings.



PS. 30 was awesome right? (I had a feeling it was going to be great)


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