Just what I needed, when I needed it


Two months since I have seen my baby. It’s rough.

The pictures and videos we took during our trip are what gets me through. The periodic updates from her social workers and foster family are incredibly reassuring, as well as knowing that she is with her foster family and not in an institution. Still, I left part of me behind in that central Bulgarian village.

I try to stay busy and busy during the work day/work week is not a problem. I have been picking up extra Saturday shifts to help with money and to keep myself occupied. Weekends are a different story. I have cleaned. This house is spiffy. This weekend loomed ahead on the calendar. Winter. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. I slept in. Then I wandered into Jude’s room and refolded her clothes, Looked at her waiting toys (again), and wandered about the house some more.

I had decided to take another crack at shoptska salad (in my opinion feta is not a good substitute for Bulgarian Sirene cheese…I must find the real thing for this to work) when the mail showed up. 1 letter. Note to adopters: when you get a letter from “Department of Homeland Security” this is typically a GOOD thing.


So relieved. The next step in the process is Jude’s visa (the DS 260) I am told I will get notification and be able to do this online within the next week. Then our case will go to the Embassay in Sofia for review and we will wait for our “Article 5” to be issued.


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  1. CONGRATS!!! Thank you for letting all of us who are in the early stages of adopting from Bulgaria follow your journey. I get great joy in seeing the light at the end of your tunnel, and look forward to future blogs…I’ve got a lot of time to kill (2 years) before I get to be matched with my little guy!

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