An update from my Baby!


I seriously need to get back to blogging as things happen.

Tuesday I jaunted over to the State House where the Secretary of State’s office is located to get 2 documents apostilled. Not my most favorite of adoption chores and it typically takes forever to. I stole a move a saw another guy pull off the last time I was there (Not sharing the secret) and was done in enough time to eat, pee, and get back to work on time. WIN!

On Thursday I got notification that I fell victim to the Target hack because Jude’s baby/adoption registry was orginally there (Before I got too frustrated with navigating the website and moved it to WalMart. I think this is the moment I need to apologize to my sister for my “For heaven’s sake, it’s just creating a baby registry, how hard can it be” comment from 2 years ago. Sorry. I HAD NO IDEA!). Luckily none of my financial information appears to have been compromised, just personal information. Which puts me at-risk for identity theft. It kinda got me wondering who on earth would want to steal my identity at this moment in my life? I have been fingerprinted and investigated by every state and federal agency half a dozen times over the last 18 months. About the only testing I haven’t had done is a colonoscopy and I am so un-fun that my bank notices “deviations in my spending habits” when I made a purchase at Best Buy at Christmastime.

Friday was AWESOME. I finally got an update from Bulgaria. From my baby. It was this deliciously long e-mail which I have read literally 50 times since. But the short and sweet of it is: She is healthy (got over her illness), she is happy. What more could I possibly ask for right now? How relieved was I at this news? I slept Friday night. Probably the first time I have slept well since arriving home from Bulgaria. I slept straight through for 14 hours and didn’t even notice!

Yesterday I got notification that USCIS received my I-800 application and messed things up again. Just like they said they were going to do, so it didn’t come as a suprise this time. It will be at least 10-14 days and more likely 3-4 weeks (assuming no more delays) until we are through the process with them. I will be relieved when it is over. Every delay caused by them is weeks (at this point) that I will never get to spend with her. But they don’t seem to understand that. Or care. I still try to stay focused on the positive. At least things ARE moving now.


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