We have movement


Monday night saw the arrival of the long awaited I-800A approval letter. That little 1 page letter!

It came and the the adoption was off to a running start again. The I-800 application and the I-864W was submitted early Tuesday. I got a second suprise on Thursday evening when my FBI background check came back. Seeing as this is the last document needed for the (to be determined) court date I whisked it off down to D.C. to be apostilled. The rest of my documents I will personally walk into the Maine State House next week for apostilling here.

There are a few documents here and there to be done, but this should wrap up the bulk of the paperwork chase (I think, I hope) for this adoption.

So I a very “Paperwork Pregnant” at this point. Very. Very-Very. At it’s peak I gained 57 pounds sitting on the sofa in the evenings (or at the dining room table) doing paperwork for this adoption. Holy Yikes.

I started to rectify the situation following the homestudy update, things (understandably, I was busy and nervous) got a little bit better just after we were matched. I have managed to lose 22.4 of those 57 pounds. I have joined a contest at work to motivate myself to get rid of the rest. If I win there is a cash prize involved (that is what is known as a “win-win situation”). My goal is simple: be back in the shape I was in when I started this adoption as I know that shape was perfect for chasing a toddler (as that is what I was doing the day before I started).

So now that things are moving again we start to look at rough timelines at guesses as to when we get to go back to Jude. Right now it looks like Trip 2 will happen sometime in May. Which would mean that court would happen sometime in April. And for that to happen that mean we would need to be done with the US immigration process and have our file turned over to the Bulgarian authorities within the next month or so.

Fingers crossed.


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