From Ice Storms to Immigration


Our Ice Storm is over. What was supposed to stop on Monday morning actually worsened as the day progressed on Monday. The electricity that had held out until then went out at 8:00 Monday night.

I was wrapping presents and the temperature was dropping.

Luckily, I live in a densely populated neighborhood. The electricity company invaded it at 1:00 in the morning. The electricity came back on just before 6:00 AM Tuesday. I was so fortunate that i usually turn the temperature down in the house at night to sleep as I lie the cool air and I snuggle under a down comforter. The usual house temperature is set at 60 degrees, when I woke on Tuesday morning (to lights shining in my face!) I was only 55 in the house and heating up fast. Others have not been so fortunate, at this writing there are still many with no power and it still may be many days before it returns. While I didn’t need to use my back up heating and cooking system I did need to wrap my gifts by light of the hurricane lanterns. I learned that the wicks I bought from Walmart are horrible. They lasted 20 minutes at most. But the wicks I bought from the Amish store work great and even though they were far more expensive. Once I remember the name of that store I will be ordering more from them and throwing the rest of the Walmart wicks away. The damage to our property is minimal. 1 branch from the maple tree will need to come down (it is broken and dangling over the driveway), but that is all.

We had a lovely holiday. My family stunned me by buying Jude a number of gifts. She is all set for crayons and coloring books for the next few decades. And Santa Claus had the foresight to bring her some Sea-Bands…ya know…just in case.

Today we travelled down to South Portland to our “local” USCIS center. We were there to get Mum fingerprinted, to try and talk our way into getting me fingerprinted again, and to see if we could get the paperwork error sorted out so we could move forward with the I-800, once the fingerprint approval on Mum goes through. Well, 2 out of 3 were accomplished with a route for accomplishing a resolution for the error in my paperwork. The staff at the South Portland office are wonderful in that respect. I am hoping to see the fingerprint approval come through sometime late next week as this was the timeframe on my own approval last year. If my error can get sorted out in that time then my first task in the new year will hopefully be submitting the I-800 and this adoption will be on its way again!


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