Time to Chill


We have hit a small delay with our paperwork. Until my Mum is fingerprinted next Friday, Jude’s immigration application cannot be processed any further. Which given the time of year, is probably not a bad thing. I need to focus on my family for a few weeks.

We are also expecting a significant winter storm that actually has just started as I type this. It is expected to last for the next 2-3 days. Now winter storms in Maine are not a rarity. Snow is not something that we tend to get flustered about. There is just one thing sure to grab everyone’s attention:


Ice storms are awful. They come as freezing rain. If freezing rain lingers then significant ice can accumulate. In 1998 this area experienced a massive ice storm still talked about frequently. Most people I know who were around during that storm have since configured a way to heat their home without electricity for days if not weeks at a time. I am no exception. I have a method to heat the main living area of my home for a number of days “off grid” in the dead of winter. Safely. I can also heat food, and provide lighting.

It seems pretty likely that the electricity will go out by midday Sunday, if not sooner. This storm is not forecasted to be anything near the 2 inches of ice we saw in 1998, but by Sunday we may see .5-.75 inches which is notable.

I hope that they are wrong.

But in case they aren’t, it is time to prepare. Busy week next week even if this weekend is smooth sailing.


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