Decisions, Decisions


I was able to start on some of the immigration paperwork this week. Got as far as I could go on Friday without getting some more information that I am waiting on.

So in the meantime I decided to go ahead and make some of those parenting decisions that needed to wait until after I met Jude.

Decision #1. This has been the most obsessive compulsive research project of my life. I have literally made a hobby of researching the perfect car seat. I have gone back and forth a few times but I have made a final decision and put it on my registry: the Diono Radian R120 in Storm. I could literally write a thesis on this car seat. It even has to be this color as it has received a good rating when it comes to toxic chemicals used in the fabric. Like I said. Epic research.

Decision #2 (sadly everything was less research than the car seat project) Education: my options are public school, a Montessori private school from preschool to 8th grade, and homeschooling. I don’t like the public school. And if I didn’t like it before, while I was in Bulgaria our public school lost their accreditation (which has been coming for a while now). The private school is a good school. But cost is a factor, it only goes to 8th grade, and there are a few (not many but a few) things that I don’t exactly agree with. Which leaves homeschooling. It is my favorite option. I can tailor it to be what I want and what Jude needs, if we choose the distance learning school it is accredited, it goes to 12th grade, and it is the least expensive option. For right now the decision is going to be Homeschool.

Decision #3: Sleeping arrangements. This is a tough one. Jude has always slept in a crib. I was told that she has some issues with sleep right now. I anticipate rough nights no matter what I choose. However, we briefly saw a few behaviors that lead me to think that ditching the crib may be the way to go. I had been thinking about co-sleeping anyway but had some doubts on how well it might work. I still do, but I think it is worth a try at least in the beginning. So though Jude will have a room of her own, to start she will sleep with me and we will see if that helps some of the sleep issues.

Decision #4: Sippy Cups. I got some.

Decision #5: I don’t need to buy anymore toys. Yes, stuff is cute but me going into Target is just about as difficult as an alcoholic going into a bar.

So I have made some good progress with parenting decisions. Others I am still working on.


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