The Cast


You may have pick up on the fact that I don’t have a lot of pictures on this blog.

I haven’t really used a bunch of names either.

There hasn’t really been an excellent reason for that. I can never share the names or pictures of Foster Daughter #1 or Foster Daughter #2. I signed paperwork saying I wouldn’t. That sucks. But since we will be posting lots of pics starting with Trip #1 (Coming to a blog near you this weekend, if I can find an internet connection). Here is the cast, some of whom you may have already read about here.

The star of the show: 2-year old daughter whose name shall be (changed from her current birthname)


Jude Katherine Alawei (Last name)

We will have to wait until the end of trip 2 to publish her picture on this blog. Rules.

Me (AKA “Britt”)

My Mum (AKA “Grammy Kitty”/Kathy)

My Dad (AKA “Papa”/Tony)

My Sister (AKA “Aunt Tiffany”)

My Brother in Law (AKA “Uncle Tristan”)

My Nephew (AKA “Tristan/Little Tristan/Bipes”)

Adult Cats: Pippen (Grey Male) and Merry (Brown Tabby Female)
This was taken from the relative safety of the top of the fridge the day I brought the kittens home. The look on Pippen’s face says it all, I think.

The Kittens: Eowyn (bottom) and Arwen (top)


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