Sometimes you are just driving along on a Monday morning. 5 days away from your departure to meet your daughter for the first time. And life comes along and smacks you in the face.

Or the front bumper of your 2005 Prius.

Oops. My bad.

I wasn’t even distracted driving. I just incorrectly assumed that in the two lane yield situation I was in and the lane that I And the vehicle in front of me were in the process of merging into that when you look and see the lane is clear, and look and see car in front of you starting to go and look again and lane still clear and look back and said car is still moving forward and you look again (you know just to be sure, aliens could have landed in the 3 milliseconds since you last checked) that you need to look back to the car in front of you again. They might have stopped and you could rear end them at 5 mph. It was my mistake. I owned up to it. I apologized. I was happy I couldn’t even find my cell phone when the officer asked. I am sincerely happy I was only going 5 mph and nobody got hurt. 14 years of driving through these rotary intersections twice daily every day and the odds caught up with me.

Now typically when the car place tells you that they can’t get you in for a week and it will take a week to fix…you have a few choice things to say.

I went: That works perfectly! But can I drop it off late Friday instead? To which the shop went (recovering from their moment of shock) Ummm, yeah, just leave your keys in the drop box.

But there is a point to this post. Your life, isn’t solely about your adoption. Even though it tends to focus on it and revolve around it. Today, even this close to leaving, it is getting hardly any attention at all. And I kinda needed that right now, and I kinda needed to be reminded of that. That even though it is almost always the most important thing going on…sometimes I need to focus on other things; either for good or bad reasons.

Kerpow! Life teaches me lessons about balance.


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