8 Months Waiting


It has now been 8 months since our dossier has been registered with the Ministry of Justice.

We have had many rapid changes around here.

The government shutdown only seemed to delay Mum’s clearance a week. We got it back on Halloween and sent it off about 5 minutes later to be apostilled. Got the call this evening that everything went fine down in Washington DC and the courier is sending us back to us. We expect that part back tomorrow.

After lots of hard work by everyone involved; the homestudy update was completed over this past weekend and I got it in the mail yesterday. And there was much rejoicing…

As a result of the above I sent out our required I-800A Supplement 1 (because Mum moved in), Supplement 2 (due to out agency change back in February) and Supplement 3 (again due to Mum’s arrival) today. I had to wait for the homestudy to do this. I am hoping for a similar or shorter timeline than our process with USCIS last year. I have heard rumors that USCIS has been taking on average 70-90 days for the I-800A, however we already have that approval and are just looking for an update.

Once the I-797 is back, we will submit everything and frankly (hopefully) we expect a match soon after that. Fingers crossed.

Last week someone left kittens in a box at my Mum’s business. Long story short: I am now a crazy cat lady. I have added 2 kittens to my 2 adult cats. It is kinda like a pre-adoptive dress-rehersal. My adult cats are upset and hissing. I have little ones into everything and underfoot. One kitten is skittish and I have to seek her out to hold her to get her used to people. The other one is having some potty training issues.

I have 1 book left on my reading list. I will probably have to buy it if the library can’t find it in the next few weeks. A fellow adoptive parent helped me out with our last adoptive parenting book: The Mom with the Red Lipstick by Lydia Kordalewski. If you can get you hands on a copy I definitely recommend reading this. This is the only volume I have read that has a perspective from the adoptive child’s. I also recently finished up Bringing up Bebe and Bebe Day by Day by Pamela Druckerman. I really liked both of these books but would recommend the latter book if you are short on time.

Two weeks ago I took my final “Babymoon” to Salem, Massachesetts. It was the weekend before Halloween and I went with a group of 7 other coworkers. We had a blast. Although I would have to say that the most frightening attraction in Salem that weekend was the Port-A-Potties, especially first thing in the morning before the sanitation workers had, umm, gotten to them. That said, we had a blast and some day I cannot wait to go back. We didn’t nearly get to everything that there was to see.


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