Waldorf or Ikea?


I would like to clue a few people in on my favorite pasttime for the past few months. With my playroom entering it’s final stages of completion, and my love of saving money guiding me I present my Waldorf vs. Ikea post.

Toy Ball: Waldorf price: $24.95
waldorf toy ball

Toy Ball: Ikea price: $1.99
Ikea toy ball

Wooden Stacking Rings: Waldorf price: $19.95
Waldorf Stacking Rings

Wooden Stacking Rings: Ikea price: $5.99 (Fun Fact: These are made in Bulgaria!)
Ikea Stacking Rings

Toddler Wagon: Waldorf price: $159.95
Waldorf Toddler Wagon

Toddler Wagon: Ikea price: $19.99
Ikea Toddler Wagon

Hammering Toy: Waldorf price: $18.95
Waldorf Hammering Toy

Hammering Toy: Ikea price: $5.99
Ikea hammering toy

Children’s Table and Chairs: Waldorf price: $199.95
waldorf table and chairs

Children’s Table and Chairs: Ikea price: $19.99
ikea table and chairs

Play Canopy: Waldorf price: $129.95
Waldorf Play canopy

Play Canopy: Ikea price: $19.99
Ikea Play canopy

Castle Tent: Waldorf price: $255.95
Waldorf Castle Tent

Castle Tent: Ikea price: $19.99
Ikea Castle tent

Wooden Play Kitchen: Waldorf price: $269.95
Waldorf play kitchen

Wooden Play Kitchen: Ikea price: $99.99
Ikea play kitchen

Now I love, Love, LOVE Waldorf items. But, if you are like me and are looking for the look without the price tag, sometimes Ikea is the way to go.


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