1 week down, 1 (maybe) to go


It’s been a week since I inquired on the 2 profiles I saw. Their files were returned to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice on Monday, so now I wait for the next file distribution out to the agencies. I’m told this will likely happen late next week.

What will need to happen (which didn’t happen the last time I inquired) is that my NGO will need to be the first (or one of the first) to be allowed to pull files. They were 8th last time, and weren’t able to get the files I had inquired on.

I’m still trying not to stress about it. I am actually doing pretty well so far. It is just that it feels as though time has slowed way down. Luckily I have loads of pictures of these 2 sweet girls and even though there is certainly no guarantee that I will be able to adopt them, I am employing some positive thinking and visualization and hoping that it will somehow magically help.

So sometime this weekend or early next week the new waiting child list should be posted on the MOJ website and I will be able to confirm that their files are there. Then with any luck at all by this time next week I’ll have some awesome news to report.

Fingers crossed!!!


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