I’m not sure what happened at 4:45


I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday. I got up, the sun was shining. Sometime on Friday the individuals intalling the gas lines in my street decided to go down the opposite side of the street instead, so my front lawn will remain intact. And my 15-month old nephew and I were going to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine

The baby did excellent on the long car ride. We sang along to the oldies station for a while and he napped for the last 45 minutes before we got there.

We had a great day at the fair. Saw all the animals. I got to look around at the craft stuff. We bought some homemade wooden toys. My nephew was entraced watching the Penobscot Indian singers drumming and dancing (for about 45 minutes). We ate fabulous organic fair food including fried seafood, apple cider, cheesecake and indian pudding. My nephew participated in making Tibetain Prayer flags. And did not once at the fair (despite entering the terrible 2 stage) did he whine, fuss, or pitch a fit. We got into the car just as it started to cloud over mid-afternoon and the baby drifted off instantly into a 2nd nap (which he never does anymore).

I thought I was in the twilight zone…my days NEVER are perfect like this.

Then 4:45 happened.

Some sort of cosmic force must have had an effect on the world at 4:45 yesterday, cause everything that happened after was a hot mess.

Baby woke up at that time about 20 minutes shy of home…SHRIEKING. Absolutely screaming bloody murder. Scared me to death and I nearly drove off the road. He proceeded to be quite weepy and generally freaked out for the rest of the night. I never did figure out what was up. Remembered about that time that I had forgotten to put dinner out to thaw, so ended up having to get take out. Baby didn’t want his dinner…he wanted mine. The haddock gave him indigestion, and I couldn’t find the gripe water. I started putting him to bed at his usual time (6:30) but instead of the 15 minutes it usually takes He finally fell asleep after 8:00. Around this time it occured to me that while I had put suncreen on the baby, I forgot to do myself. Hello 1st Sunburn of the year (on the last day of summer). Also realized that my phone hadn’t checked my email all day (it is set to check it every 15 minutes) and lo and behold was an email from the Adoption Agency…they cannot locate the files I inquiried on based on the information I had (and the files are going to be returned like any minute now). E-mail time: 4:45. Sent out random frantic messages and thanks to a fellow adoptive parent was able to get some needed additional information. Time now: almost 9:00. And I end up with one of the worst headaches of my life (made me nauseated)…probably the haddock and the sunburn. Lie down to shut my eyes to try and rid myself of the headache and fell asleep 2.5 hours early and in my clothes, upside down in my bed. Woke at 3 (3 hours early) and could never get back to sleep, but was too lazy to get up and take out my earrings which after sleeping on them for 6 hours had probably left permanet marks on my skull. Went downstairs after about an hour of trying to get myself to nap until the baby woke up to get something to eat and…guess who forgot to buy more cereal?

Still hoping to be able to track down these files. Not sure if we will be able to do it. Which is sort of sad as 1 of these kids had been on the waiting child list for 6 months and the other has been there for 4. That’s a long time for such little kids to wait. And once again it kinda sucks that they are waiting and I’m waiting, but for some reason we just can’t match up.


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