I did it again…


Once again I am leaping and have inquiried on 2 children.

This time things are a bit different. Their files aren’t listed on the MOJ website but have been with another agency for nearly 2 months. I saw their files when they were newly listed with that agency, but never would I have imagined that this amount of time would have passed without someone moving mountains to be their Mum.

But it has.

So despite the fact that all odds are stacked against it I made the move. I inquiried.

Here is just how big the mountain is: A. Their files are with another NGO. B. Their files go back for redistribution in a few days C. The distribution works kind of like a lottery system, if the NGO I am working with gets first (or near to first pick) at next go-around there may be a chance, last time we inquiried they were 8th, it was a no-go. D. My homestudy needs to change (I am working on that) E. The USCIS I-800A approval would need to change (working on that too).

And that would only get us to the referral.

But I hope…

In other news, I took my long-planned for trip down to Ikea last weekend and the playroom is really starting to come together. Next up is some painting and some clearing out of some renovation material I have stored in there and it will be…Done. So excitied and I will definitely post some pictures here once it is complete.

The hill by which I was completely defeated this year is getting it’s come-uppance. My city has elected to install some underground natural gas pipes and the path down which these pipes runs through the neighborhood goes right under the bottom quarter of aforementioned hill. The construction has been slowly creeping down the street all week and I have been warned that I can expect orange cones on my property before the end of the month. Take That! HA!


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