This morning a series of investigation articles done by the Reuters news service ( ) came to my attention. I spent a good chunk of my pre-work prep time reading this.

I was so nauseated afterwards that I ended up skipping Breakfast.

I have always tried to reserve judgment of others until I have “walked in their shoes” so to speak. But this is so awful and so revolting that I simply cannot hold my tongue. If anyone in the US did this to their biological child they would be charged with child abandonment, child endangerment, child trafficking, and who knows what else. Instead, if caught, the adopted child returns to these parents. What. The. Hell?

As the child of an adoptee whose adoption was of questionable legality and nearly disrupted (but ultimately not, thank Goodness) I can report on what merely the threat or potential of such an occurance an do to the adopted child or that family’s entire dynamic. The psychological damage is so deep that it is NEVER forgotten. Never Ever.

It was in that spirit that I started on my international adoption process trying to do things “the right way,” I do not want my future children to be victims of child trafficking or worse. I have done everything I know how to conduct this adoption in the most ethical way that I know of. I think, at least so far, we have succeeded. I have seen actions by other potential adoptive parents that while I withhold judgment, I would be disappointed in myself if I ever did.

But THIS takes the cake.

I hearby promise that I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (to infinity) be involved in something as dastardly as what these articles describe. I cannot even fathom how anyone after going through a similar struggle that I am currently embroiled in could ever just hand their child over to some random people that they met on the internet.

I can understand how well-meaning people might find themselves in a situation where the possibility of adoption disruption must be considered as an option for the family but the situations described in these articles are just plaing WRONG.


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