6 months waiting


We have been registered with the Ministry of justice for 6 months now. I still have had no news on the 2 children we inquired on a week ago…I was hoping to hear something by yesterday afternoon, but alas…silence.

In order to distract myself from obsessively checking my email tomorrow I am going to start a weekly yoga class. The physical activity will hopefully help me shed some of the weight I gained during the great paperwork chase and help build my strength up for the physical rigors of mommyhood, but I am also hoping the spiritual/mental aspect of the practice will get me through the rest of this adoption. I first started with yoga classes in nursing school and continued practicing well into my first year as a nurse. It was wonderfully helpful for stress. I tried starting back up this time last year, but I find that whenever I’m home, I tend to just spend my free time cleaning or in renovation projects. Both of which tend to stress me out more.If all else fails with this…well, at least the yoga teacher is also a practicing psychologist.


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