Adoption Ark


I have written pretty extensively about what went down with this adoption agency, so I won’t rehash it. I did get a check today for 9.8% of the money that was owed to us. I was informed that it would be the first and only check. I wonder what happened to the rest (over $1800)? Pretty sure I’ll never know. Was happy to see some of it returned as frankly I had resigned myself to the loss of the entire $2,000 deposit, but it would be lying to say that they aren’t the main reason why this adoption will likely be the only international adoption I ever attempt. The whole experience with this agency’s demise has turned me into a nervous wreck and I definitely don’t handle uncertainty and surprise as well as I used to ( not to mention the fleeting moments of PTSD I experience everytime I check my email).


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  1. We have yet to receive anything yet. They still owe us a couple of post-placement deposits, and we also paid the initial fees for our second adoption. I guess getting something back is better than getting nothing. At least we’re both with wonderful agencies now who are taking great care of us!

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