This post is mostly not about adoption. This post is mainly to see how easy it may/may not be to blog from my smartphone. This will be my means of documenting life in Bulgaria once I get to that point and this post serves as sort of a test drive.

This post is also what happens when the following random events occur:
1. You get sick (hey, I’m human, it happens)
2. Sickness results in 2 days off work, on bedrest, consuming only clear liquids.
3. In attempt to mix up the clear liquid diet, you buy soda.
4. You realize 26 hours in that all this soda has caffeine in it.
5. You do the math and discover that you have had more caffeine in the past day, than you consumed in the previous year.


Some very profound and silly revelations have come to me as a result of the sequence of events mentioned above. I feel compelled to share.

Fraggle Rock was awesome. But it is no longer on the air. This is a travesty of modern children’s television programming.

I could probably be a millionaire if I opened a drive through smoothie shop on my street.

In another life I would have made for an excellent Waldorf Kindergarten teacher.

The desk in my office exactly fits into the bizzare alcove space in my bedroom. This discovery just saved me from spending at least $30,000 in renovation costs of adding a 4th bedroom onto the house.

The color yellow makes me cheerful and content.

Toddlers and Tiaras is the cornerstone of things like the recent Miley Cyrus disaster.

And Finally: there are many good reasons why I don’t drink caffeine.


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