A word of Thank You


I would again like to thank my placing agency: One World Adoption Services for their infinite patience. Today after being their client for over 6 months, with the generous help of the HelpUsAdopt.org foundation they have been paid what was owed to them.
My former placing agency, whom shut down abruptly in early February payment structure was $2,000 at dossier submission (which, for us, was early January) with the balance due upon referral. One World’s fee structure is 1/2 at dossier submission and 1/2 at referral. They have been wonderfully flexible with our family and I am so happy that we are now current in our payments.
I have outlined on a permanent post on this page a rough idea of how this adoption is being financed. I have outlined there my love for financing this adoption by finding savings in the household budget. Today I was also able to negotiate my internet bill down to save $240 a year. And for that I would like to thank my hormonal side and my tendency towards verbal diarrhea when emotional. I think they were just about willing to do anything when I started giving out statistics on my monthy grocery bill to internet bill ratio.
I also want to thank a personal friend (you know who you are) for going through the Special Needs list with me item by item recently. When I filled it out last year I did it based on my own knowledge but having the help of my friend (who is a physician) was so much more insightful and helpful. I really encourage anyone and everyone to go over the Bulgaria Special Needs list with a physician with some international/adoption medicine experience. It definitely (and quite unexpectedly) changed my outlook on things.
Thank you to my family and work family for being such a patient ear as I prattle on daily about this Adoption. It must grow tedious to hear, but you never say so.
Thank you to my cats, who keep me company (and keep me entertained) through the evenings of paperwork and self-imposed research.
Thank you to the other adoptive parents of Bulgarian children out in the interweb world. Thank you for sharing your lives and stories and providing valuable insight at all times and hope on the tough days.
I will never be able to say thank you enough to everyone, but to this group of people who have helped just this past week…Thank You Thank You Thank You.


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