Let the Homestudy update begin!


Ahh Paperwork. I have not missed thee. And yet here we are again. Having romatic evenings togther at the dining room table. Under the golden glow of the warm white CFLs in our Lowe’s clearance chandelier. With old episodes of Mythbusters on in the background to remind me that there is life outside of filling out forms and checklists.

Benefits of doing adoption paperwork:

1. If you didn’t have your name, address, e-mail and telephone number memorized before By Glory, you know it now!
2. You know where your social security card, passport and birth certificate are. You take them out and gaze at them everynight (or so your cat thinks)
3. You have unintentionally learned to read a bit of Bulgarian. ( I know! Right? Just don’t ask me how to pronouce those words. I can tell you what they mean, but I probably wouldn’t recognize them if the were spoken)
4. Because you will not allow food and drink near the paperwork, you don’t drink anything and therefore do not have to get up and pee in the middle of the night because you are slightly dehydrated. Somehow though, despite lack of food, you will not lose weight. You will gain it.

In all seriousness, it is (so far) not nearly as bad as the inital paperwork. The update stuff is all things I’ve essentially seen before. I’m doing some major overhaul to our acceptable special needs list and upping the age limit. Doesn’t seem like much but as my pediatric nursing experience grows so does my confidence in parenting children with certain medical or developmental needs and I’ve done some personal inventory and realized that bringing home very young children just isn’t something that’s overly important to me so the list looks vastly different from what I had filled out just under a year ago. The homestudy document (and subsequently USCIS approval) will be updated to reflect this. Also where it one said “1 child or a sibling set” should hopefully now read “2 siblings or unrelated children.”

This should also be a vastly shorter process. Ultimately last year I was doing the paperwork chase from Mid-July to New Year’s. This time 8-10 weeks total and we should be done no later than Halloween. Plus all those fabulous unknowns (like “How the Heck do I get an Apostille?) I now know.

Time for the next few weeks should pass a bit faster. The best part of paperwork is the (likely false) feeling that you are actually getting somewhere.


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