5 Months Waiting…


Tomorrow marks 5 months registered with the Ministry of Justice.

And the wait is getting to me.

It was bound to happen. The anticipation of my vacation was seeing me through things mentally, and now, well…let me just put it this way:

I have decided to build my own living room sofa. Yes, you read it correctly. I am going to construct my own living room sofa. I have no plans for this. I am just going to do it. Sort of a go-with-the-flow-and-see-what-happens project. And to make sure that I follow through and do it…I am selling the existing living room sofa and loveseat to a friend…tomorrow.

This is what happens during the adoption wait. You start thinking up really odd hobbies and projects. You scan pinterest for hours. You research things ENDLESSLY ( my favorite research topic tends to be car seats). You check your e-mail. You check your phone. Then you check your e-mail again. You make sure your phone is no more than 6 feet away from you. Even in the bathroom. Because, as everyone knows, the phone always rings while you are in the bathroom. That call/e-mail could come AT ANY SECOND!!!

Your adoption is the main subject of almost waking thought you have. That is what this wait is like.

I have been keeping busy with other things though. After some life events in our larger extended family (and after checking with the adoption caseworker) there is a new adult living here! I am still persuing my adoption as a single parent but am now looking at a signficiant update to my homestudy in the next couple of months. I am pretty psyched about this as my children will be part of a multi-generational home. It also means that my children will not be going to daycare either. They will be cared for by their Grandmother in their own home. I am pretty psyched about this. So is their Grandmother (who will also be joining me on trips #1 and #2, whenever they may occur). So for anyone facing a similar situation I am told that in addition to being a part of the homestudy update that the new family member has to have FBI clearances done (For me this was done for $73 total including fingerprinting fees and courier/apostilling fees) and the Supplement 1A filed with the USCIS update with that person getting their biometrics done ($85).

There has been a fair amount of politicial upheval in Bulgaria since May. It seems to be settling down a bit (from what I read). The IAC has met twice I think in the past couple of weeks, which is good. I’m told that the August Vacation shutdown will actually be more of a slowdown. Also good. I keep reading the Waiting Child list as it is updated, but alas I don’t feel that we are a good match for any of the kiddos listed there right now. But I keep looking. And waiting. And coming up with ever-more crazy ideas to keep myself occupied.


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