1 year down


1 year ago today I reluctantly said goodbye to my foster daughter and began down this road of international adoption.

So much has happened in the past year: Application process, Homestudy, FBI Clearance, USCIS Clearance, Dossier preparation, Dossier submission, suddenly having to change my placing agency, Bulgarian government quitting, new government being named, Dossier registration, Grant application, Another government change in Bulgaria, being awarded massive adoption grant ($14,500…thank you again helpusadopt.org)

I can’t help but wonder what year #2 of this crazy-amazing journey will bring. I would love to see a referral by this time next year, but I realize that may be more fantasy than reality. But then again, who knows? I definitely didn’t expect most of the events of my journey so far. I can’t imagine that the rest will be any less thrilling. I know that in the next year we can expect a homestudy update (October) and a USCIS update (March) but beyond that is really anyone’s guess.

Somedays the wait seems longer than others. Defintely the past 4 months have been the slowest so far. But everyday brings me one step closer to my daughters and everyday brings them one step closer to their family. I realize that while I have only waited for a year, they have waited for a good portion of their lives. My wait is nothing compared with their’s. While I know that one day we will meet, they do not live with the comfort of that same certainty.

It seems only fitting to end this posting with some sort of profound quote. But the only quote that stikes me a truly fitting right now comes from the wise collective of gentlemen known as “Aerosmith.”

“Life’s a Journey, not a destination. And I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings…”


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