Anne Of Green Gables


I have returned from Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Already cannot wait until we go back. This has been my 4th time to the north shore of PEI and I love it there.

Cavendish is also known as the fictional Avonlea of L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables.” For those not familiar with the story, Anne is a 10-year old orphan adopted (somewhat-accidentally) by an elderly brother and sister from an orphanage in Nova Scotia to their home in Prince Edward Island in the late 19th century.

In other words: it is a tale of an older-child adoption from an institution.

I, like many millions of others around the world, absolutely love the story and the 8 (yes, there are 8 sequels) books in the series that followed it. All told, I own 34 books written by the author. And I’ve read each one multiple times. Older child adoption is an ongoing theme in many of the stories. I cannot wait to share the books with my own children.

Sunset on Cavendish Beach

Sunset on Cavendish Beach

Green Gables

Green Gables


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