4 months waiting


This post is a couple days early. Technically it will be the 4-month mark on Monday, but I’ll be in Canada by then on my tech-free camping adventure. Prince Edward Island here I come!

This will be the last time we leave the country until Bulgaria Trip #1 (hopefully that will be sooner rather than later). It also marks the first time that I have left this state since a day trip to Boston for Christmas shopping (I think it was in November, possibly October). I don’t get out much these days. Been trying to rectify that. I have this trip to Canada (which actually sounds like a bigger deal than it is, Prince Edward Island is a closer car ride than New York City). I also am planning a weekend in Massachusetts in October.

I have been planning for the first trip to Bulgaria. I like to plan. And from what I heard it is not unusual to be in Bulgaria on Trip #1 less than a month from when you get your referral, so I have started getting some things that I know I’ll need.

I got the Lingo Translator (which I mentioned in a previous post) and that thing is DA BOMB! I also got a european convertor/adapter to charge my smartphone overseas (yes, I won’t be able to make calls…but I fully intended on taking advantage of wifi hotspots, utilizing the camera, and keeping myself occupied on the plane with the music player and the e-reader app), I also got the loudest pink patchwork of a carry-on bag that was ever made. It was on clearence. I figure if it gets lost it will stand out, and it is actually so loud (my Mum says “hideous”) that it sort of acts as its own theft deterrant.

And I have also been reading about travelling to Bulgaria on some other blogs. I feel the need to share the best posting I’ve ever read: Here’s the link:
It was written fairly recently (February of 2012) so I would consider the information up to date.

Since there will be 3 adults travelling on both trips, we have made some decisions already for when the time comes. Decision #1: Both trips we will make the nearly 3-hour car ride (one-way) to Logan in Boston. Airfare is ultimately cheaper from there than from any airport closer, and it gives us the option of only 1 overseas connection vs 1 in the US and 1 in Europe. It also shortens the trip times down from an average of 22 hours to an average of 15 hours. Decision #2: Trip 1 – Hotel, Trip 2 – Apartment. This basically boils down to keeping everyone in the same room for security purposes (we do this all the time, see above-camping in PEI; we are all in a very small space, and no one has killed anybody – yet). It’s easy to fit 3 adults into a hotel room. 3 adults and 2 kids presents a different problem. Also I started thinking about what I would need in a hotel room with 2 small children (like a refrigerator and a bathtub) and an apartment really seemed the way to go there. Decision #3: Since we cannot agree on who would drive if we rented a car, we will not rent a car/drive ourselves. Independently, we all think we could do it with minimal problems. At the same times each one of us thinks that one of the other 2 would suck at it. Best to avoid this type of conflict I think. Decision #4: while in Bulgaria, we want to see “really old s**t.” Now here in New England we have our share of “old s**t”. There is a building in my city that has been there since the 1600s. But since we are going to be in Europe where there have been civilizations for thousands of years, we want to see “even older s**t”, the older the better. I don’t think we will be disappointed.

I found out on Wednesday that the last time the Bulgarian IAC met for matching was May 20th. I’m thinking that is due to the current political situation over there, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s kinda disappointing anyway. I expected matches to stop in August, but to find out that none happened in June either is just…yuck. We have been quoted an 8-20 month wait from this point. But I think we are all really hoping for a match by the end of next year at the latest. Even though we have only been registered in Bulgaria for 4 months we have been on this adoption journey (in one way or another) for 3 years now. I don’t think any of us involved in that discussion on the 4th of July of 2010 would have guessed that there would still be no children here ( to stay) 3 years later.


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