Back at the end of March, just after I had learned I was registered with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice I decided (like hundreds of other families, no doubt) to apply for one of the grants offered by the Help Us Adopt organization.

I filled out my application, typed up my personal statement, and sent copies of my homestudy off to New York City.

And then, I mostly forgot about it. April and May were busy at work and around the house with multiple projects. I would think of the grant from time to time, but more of in a “wouldn’t that be nice” sort of way. Perhaps the same way one would think of winning the Powerball or Publisher’s Clearing House.

Then on Friday May 31st just as I was wrapping up work that day I got a call from Katie at the HelpUs Adopt organization. She had a few questions for me, more clairifying and confirming the information that I had put in my application. She ended the phone call by saying that I would hear back within 2 weeks.

I didn’t forget about the grant this time. In fact, it has been very hard to think of anything else since then.

Then today at 10:21 AM the waiting was over.

I got a call from the lovely Becky Fawcett, founder of She asked me if I was sitting down. I was. I was also trembling in a way I cannot ever recall doing before in my life.

The wonderful people at have given us a grant. A HUGE grant. I hope they realize (and I did tell Becky) that they have changed my life. They have also changed the lives of 2 children that I haven’t met yet, but hope to someday soon.

What just this morning seemed like a nearly insurmountable obstacle to adopting has been magically moved aside.

To the helpusadopt organization and to the people who contribute to them I will never be able to express my gratitude enough, but thank you, Thank You. THANK YOU!!!


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