2 Months Waiting


We have been registered for 2 months now. Yeah.

In my last post I said I was tackling landscaping projects. Ugh. So I got the hill dug up/rototilled. Got my plants and put them in the ground. This took 2 weekends to accomplish.

And now I think the plants are going to die. Excellent.

Despite my disgust of chemicals if they don’t perk up in the next few days I am going to “Miracle-Gro” the hell out of them in one last-ditch effort for periwinkle plant resurrection. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to find myself re-doing the whole hill, again, in the next month. I must admit that I’m really suprised that I’m having this much trouble. From everything I read I was told that I would do OK with this plant (vinca minor) and it was something that was impossible to kill.

In between spurts of landscaping I have been reading “Attaching in Adoption” by Deborah Gray. This one is really good. I’ll reserve complete judgment for when I finish it.

April-May wait seemed much longer than March-April did (of course that might have something to do with the fact that I was on the registry for about 2 weeks before I found out about it). I really hope that time speeds up a bit. Hoping the summer months will help me out on this one. I have booked myself 2 “babymoons” one in July to Canada with family and another to Massachusetts in October with friends. Very low budget babymoons (camping and room-sharing) but they should be a good time.

Had my annual physical, which was even better than last year’s; so that is all-set for the Homestudy Update this coming fall (and I cannot believe that I already have to start thinking about updating the homestudy). I’m also seriously debating whether or not to have the I-800A changed. Right now it states “1 child or a sibling set with the potential for normal functioning” I would like it to say 2 siblings with Mild-Moderate needs. Which is more accurate to what is reflected in the homestudy. Plus “normal fuctioning” seems so vague. I work in the medical field and depending on my mood I may say that all my patients do (or do not) function normally.

I continue on with my “nesting” phase. I’ve done all the damage I hope I need to do presently for the outside…moving onto the inside including some painting and finishing a bathroom.


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