Spring is Here!


Spring arrived in Central Maine sometime overnight Thursday into Friday. The weather hasn’t really changed, but the buds came out on all the trees and shrubs that night. I have one heck of a spring yard re-vamp ahead of me next weekend. Mainly, tearing out the lawn grass on the hill.

What is “the hill” you ask? It is the bane of my existence since I moved here. A somewhat-steep hill at the front of the property that boarders the road. Now at first glance it is not-so-bad. After all it is only about 350-400 square feet, so shouldn’t be a big deal to mow the grass, right? WRONG!

The issue is that it is “somewhat-steep” and I have to maneuver the lawmower on this hill. 1 of 2 scenarios plays out on a weekly basis in the summer. Scenario 1# I mow the grass walking down the hill. I slip/fall/bobble/skid and nearly let go of the lawnmower. I have never actually let go of the lawnmower, but I’m living on borrowed time with this miracle…for if I did let go: It would go skidding out into traffic at an intersection (I’ll let your imagination take over from there. Mine does) Scenario #2. I mow the law walking up the hill. I also tend to slip/fall/bobble and skid doing this and should I let go of aforementioned lawnmower…an ER visit would be in my future. Again, this hasn’t happened. Yet. However what does happen and what is extremely dangerous is that not a single person on the planet actually goes the 25 MPH speed limit down my street. Usually at least 35 and I have seen not a small amout of drivers going well over 50 MPH. I have nearly been struck by one of these yahoos many, many times.

I also discovered during my foray into being a single foster mother than mowing “the hill” is the one thing I could NEVER accomplish without help. Someone else either had to watch the child, or mow it for me while I watched the child. Babywearing threw my balance off too much (No panicking…it is an old fashioned manual pushmower…one of those ones with the spinning blades…putting kiddo in backpack carrier while I mow the lawn was perfectly safe) and the closest safest place to put the pack n play on the front yard meant that you can’t actually see the kiddo while you are mowing “the hill” I would try to do it during naptimes, but couldn’t hear the baby monitor over the traffic, and by the time bedtime rolls around I had about 15 minutes until it was too dark outside.

So, I’m over mowing the hill. The lawn is coming out. Vinca minor (Periwinkle) is going in. I may end up dead from exhaustion, but at least I will never have to mow the hill again. At least none of my children will ever have to mow the hill. I have saved every generation that follows at this property the anguish that the hill has caused me.

Due to my impending landscaping adventure and spring cleanup chores I’m going to suspend my parenting book reading for at least a few weeks. I’m almost finished with “The Successful Child” by William and Martha Sears. Honestly, it is all more of the same information and advice. I like Dr. Sears’ parenting advice, but I think I’ve read it all at this point. Time to take a break and move onto something different.

So, if you never see another post on this blog again, you will know that I was ultimately defeated by the hill. Should I actually conquer the flippin’ thing I will post pics of my victory.


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